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There are no magic solutions for commercial truck financing. Why you can buy a $50,000.00 pickup on credit , but can’t buy a $20,000.00 truck that will make you money is beyond us.  Most commercial truck financing companies want you to have at least 2 years in your industry and a good credit score.  We recommend most individuals and companies go to their bank or credit union you are currently doing business with. They know you and your business and are more likely to lend money at good rates. We do not offer In-House financing but do have some excellent finance and leasing companies that will work hard to get you financed, so please give us a shot.

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We buy and sell all of our trucks As is. That being said, we do our due diligence both before and after we buy the trucks that we sell to make sure the trucks are ready to go to work. Any known issues with a truck we’ll tell you about and you are more than welcome to get a third party mechanic to do a buyers check on our vehicles before purchase. There’s plenty of shops around Hutto as well as some mobile mechanics that can do one anywhere from $50-$200.

We have recently partnered with a third party warranty company TruNorth, who offer warranties for any truck over 10,000 GVW, under 20 years old, with less than 350,000 miles. Fleetserve Truck Sales is still selling our trucks As Is while TruNorth is providing the actual warranty. TruNorth requires our mechanic to inspect the truck (which we do anyway) and handles the rest. They offer two programs for the medium duty trucks we sell listed below.

TruNorth Medium Duty:

TruNorth SuperAnnuated Medium:

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