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We are extremely sad to share that Bob Mitchell, Fleetserve Truck Sales co-owner, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, Oct. 23, 2017. We will miss his industry experience, knowledge, and all the contributions he’s made to Fleetserve Truck Sales over the last 16 years. We also will miss our dear friend, and offer heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Diane Mitchell and their entire family.


Rick and Bob

Fleetserve Truck Sales was founded in 2001 by Rick Tanton and Bob Mitchell. A combined 50 years experience in the truck sales and leasing industry has given them a broad perspective when it comes to helping you find the right truck for your application. Lease versus buy?  Gas versus diesel?  Rick and Bob have the background and experience to guide you in the right direction. Whether you buy a truck from us or not, we want to help you get the right truck for your application!!

Rick’s son Bradley Tanton joined our team in December of 2014. Brad graduated from UTSA with an Entrepreneurship degree and handles most of our advertising and sales for us.

A large majority of our trucks have come from leasing companies and large fleets. Generally, these have been the best maintained, late model trucks available to the public. We have these trucks inspected for necessary repairs and sent through our safety inspection process.

The trucks you see on this website are a small percentage of the trucks that we are talking about and looking at on a daily basis. If your are looking for a particular type of vehicle, please reach us via our contact form on the website or call us at 1-888-759-3745.

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